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You are intentionally caught and put in the holding cells of the parliament building. You must first escape captivity by any means necessary. You must gain access to the mission objective, The TOP SECRET XJ7 missile blueprints from inside the maximum security safe. Your mission is to escape from prison…retrieve your weapons…steal the blueprints…you have 1 hour to do it. To succeed you will need to act with speed, precision, and have nerves of steel. Good luck in your mission agents.

Live Video Escape Rooms are a new way to play Escape Rooms with your friends from the comfort and safety of your own home or choose a team leader to come at GAME OVER and be your eyes and hands inside the room. We host a reunion via live video to explore, solve puzzles and uncover mysteries. In this game we are an extension of you, we will use a bodycam camera acting as your avatar, moving through the room on your behalf, following your instructions in order to solve puzzles.

As usual, you book the game in advance and you will receive an invitation link with the email address: You will first receive the confirmation email. After checking the second email sent to you where the login details will be available (username and password, you will join the video chat room 10-15 minutes before the scheduled time to discuss and determine your strategy. We will use Zoom during the game but there is no need to install it if you don't have it.
* Playing through a desktop device is highly recommended to have a better and more fascinating experience!

Yes! Social distancing is 100% ensured through our Video Live Play platform! Game play is offered in 2 alternative ways:
You can gather all your team (virtually) joining the video-call from the comfort and safety of your own home. Our AVATAR will be your eyes & hands! You can choose a team leader to visit our GAME OVER premises and be your eyes and hands inside the room. Rest of the team participates via Zoom video chat, from the comfort and safety of their own homes!

We can host max. 2-8 players in 1 team! For other numbers in consultation

To Book Call : +31 20 2101 911